What we do

We’re about people first – the best talent teamed with the bravest clients. Our team provides your brand with keen strategy, creative, digital, experiential, media, PR and social skills. All under the sameroof.


Our strategic minds are here to help you traverse the ups and downs of your marketplace and produce a unique brands insight that will better connect you with your rs and prospects.


Every brand deserves a little magic. And that’s exactly what our creative team is here to deliver. From logos to websites, digital billboards to TV commercials, we make your brand sizzle.


The marketplace has experienced a revolution. Marketing has moved from a primarily outbound communication to inbound interception. From high-performing SEO to responsive websites and intuitive user experiences, our digital team will help you capture more leads.


Our media professionals are always engaged in expanding your reach and maximizing your spend. After all, we believe in spending your money like it’s our money.


From interactive point of sell and trade show videos to earthshaking event planning and guerilla marketing, our experiential marketing team thinks outside the box and inside the bull’s eye.


These days marketing requires more than a megaphone, it needs a hearing aid. And social media is just that. Our social team keeps their ear to the ground, enters the conversation and helps make your brand something truly buzz-worthy.


Reputations are both made and mended in the press today. Our PR team understands how to sniff out what’s newsworthy, intersect with what’s happening and leverage your brand’s ongoing community engagement.

IBL fosters creativity and productivity in every aspect of work. We’ve knocked down the walls that separate our teams and internal competition creating an ego-free zone.

Our goal is to consider everybody’s ideas and improve upon them.