Visit Sarajevo

"Coming to Sarajevo is always a good choice!" is a welcome message at and marks the beginning of our cooperation with the Tourism Association of Sarajevo Canton – Visit Sarajevo.

In 2017, Visit Sarajevo went through reorganization and changed their visual identity, so they needed a partner to help them present destination Sarajevo in a new light. They decided to partner with IBL and it was a beginning of a wonderful year we spent creating content that promotes Destination Sarajevo in the best possible way. We started by creating a 6 month (15.07.2017 - 15.01.2018) communication strategy, including campaigns for regional promotion and public New Year celebration, bilingual content for the official web site and launcing official Social Media profiles.

Within six months we have created a recognizable and memorable content for local, regional and international market that has changed the public perception in short period of time and positioned Visit Sarajevo as a relevant institution.

As the spirit of Sarajevans is one of the most recognisable brands of the city, our campaigns focused on presenting Sarajevo through the stories of people who „love and live“ Sarajevo. Our strategy was to involve the citizens of Sarajevo in improving the image of destination which we achieved through huge publicity outburst resulting in great public support and media outlet.

Together with our client, we have developed a strategy that is based on the promotion of Sarajevo in a new and different way, focusing on services, accommodation, cultural and historic attractions that best present Sarajevo as a modern European city. This was done through web, social media, PR and projects such as Sarajevo Photographers, As Seen By You, Locals Recommend, etc. Due to extensive Community Management we have gained over 7,000 Facebook and 4000 Instagram followers, while the website was visited by more than 15,000 users.

And don't forget ... "Sarajevo has its own specific gravity, so a single visit very often becomes the start of a more permanent attachment to this city and its people. So the best thing to do is to visit because we’d like to hear if you fell in love with Sarajevo too!