Garden of Dreams Festival

We have launched the Garden of Dreams Festival in 2019. Taking place on several locations in Sarajevo, the festival gathered some of the most attractive names in the world electronic scene today and the crowed loved it.

The first edition of the Garden of Dreams Festival was a wonderful music and audio-visual journey. Spread over three locations with plenty of pre-parties, after shows and breathtaking sights, it promises an unforgettable time in Sarajevo!

We have celebrated the love for the electronic music by performances by top musicians such as Alican, Lehar, Murat Uncuoglu, Musumeci, Olderic, OXIA, Pional Musiq, Ruede Hagelstein, Qubica, Yotam Avni, After Affair, Christian Molnar, Torres and many more.

Come and join our summer adventure at the Garden of Dreams Festival!